Golden Ticket!

August 26th: Last week, 6 kids launched the start of the Golden Ticket! Our dear friend, Cenanne Sanders, a local teacher had the joy of calling each child and their parents to explain the exciting news that they had been selected! The kids were thrilled to begin their rides and lessons.

With permission, we share these photos below.

The first two kids to kick off “Keck’s Golden Ticket”.

Cenanne said sharing the news with the kids was special because they were kids who had previously expressed a desire to mountain bike and make it a hobby. Thanks to generous donations to the Eric Keck Memorial Foundation, Mutt Society, and Highland Training Initiative, the program made it possible.

Stay tuned for more updates!

August 9th: Last week, we met with two local businesses to start a scholarship initiative in memory of my dad. This is an idea he had started to plan before he died. We feel humbled to begin this partnership with two INCREDIBLE businesses my dad was so fond of. Your donations have made it possible- thank you! Zachri Keck, made this video. Stay tuned for more updates from her. Thank you!

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