Changes to the Domain: No Longer Eric’s Blog


If you have found yourself here, you are probably someone who read my father’s blog at one point in time. He had influenced many domains of the internet through his profound thoughts and prolific writing. If you haven’t had a chance to read some of his ideas, many of them can be found in his book, Pnemanuat: Demonstrate, Embody, Announce.

If you are not one of his “subscribers” you have probably heard the sad news of my father’s fatal heart attack. I imagine you were as stunned as we were and did a quick Google search, which led you here…

Regardless of how you’ve uncovered this site, I want to personally welcome you. I write this in celebration of my dad’s life and with the desire to continue to serve people in his name, for his honor.

 I will update the world on how my father’s mission to bring hope to all areas of his life will continue. Rather than purchasing a new domain, I have decided to rebuild this one, adding updates of how his legacy is improving the community in which he lived.

This platform will be used to introduce a new corporation, The Eric Keck Memorial Foundation.  We want to honor my dad’s legacy and invite you to understand the vision behind EKMF through updating this site periodically and as progress through service is made..

I invite you to explore the new information on this site. My goal is that through reading more about The Eric Keck Memorial Foundation, you leave inspired to serve others, engage in your community and work hard.


Zion Keck Hietpas

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