About: The Eric Keck Memorial Foundation

Many people have asked why we decided to create this corporation in honor of my dad, Eric Keck. The answer is quite simple. My dad was both practical and passionate, when he started something he worked hard to see it arrive at completion. When he began projects, there was never a doubt that the world would become a better place. When he died, we wanted to see his legacy of service and community engagement continue. We began to brainstorm and realized my dad had many ideas of how to improve the world already in motion; we desired to see those visions and plans succeed. Thus, we began the process of forming the corporation.

If you don’t know my dad, Eric Keck, it is my honor to tell you about him.

My dad was a man of vision and tenacity. He did whatever it took to serve others and bring opportunities for success and victory to those around him.

He was out of the box, challenging the status quo; always on a mission to improve systems and help people improve themselves and their lives.

In recent years, he became a police officer. This career was in addition to being a school principal.

As a former teacher myself, my dad explained his ideas of combining law enforcement and education to me as though it was common sense. His passion to see the two combined for the betterment of youth was profound.

My dad had the vision to bring a positive view of law enforcement into the school. His vision was that kids would be encouraged to be good citizens while also having a healthy understanding of authority. He believed having an officer who represented integrity and compassion at their school would shape the atmosphere to encourage safety and kindness…

My dad also understood through personal experience on the US Ski team, that all people, particularly youth, seek adrenaline. He wanted kids in his community to find that thrill through the outdoors enjoying the natural wonders around New Hampshire, instead of participating in harmful or illegal activities.

Before he died, my dad was active in the process of getting pump tracks in place at the elementary school where he was principal. He knew that if kids had access to physical activity that was rewarding, they would want to remain healthy and active throughout their lives.

Before he died, he was also working with a scholarship fund to provide opportunities to local kids to learn how to mountain bike at Highland Mountain Bike Park. Discussions of how to incentivize good behavior and hard work through allowing kids to ride at the mountain were something my dad was frequently having.

My dad was a practical man of vision. He would want to see his dreams of local kids chasing the thrill of adrenaline and the reward of learning a new skill while supporting local businesses.  

After he died, we became aware of a huge void, not only in our hearts but in the culture of his community.

We want to see his visions come to fruition. Thus, we set up an account to fund scholarships and programs already in place in our community. We are registered with the state of New Hampshire as well as with the IRS.

If you would like to help see my dad’s visions play out, I invite you to donate. 

Please note that this fund in no way benefits our family finances;  instead, the money  will benefit local kids through funding organizations that have scholarships already in place

Thank you for your thoughtful donation. 

For the text option text: Remberickeck to 44944

To donate to the Eric Keck Memorial Foundation online please click the link below. buynowcc.com/ekmf

Embodying Service, Hard Work and Community.